The Neoxa November Update

3 min readNov 5, 2023


Below, we outline the latest updates and forthcoming developments for Neoxa. This briefing will cover our strategic shifts, new initiatives, and the exciting prospects that lie ahead. Our focus remains on providing robust and secure opportunities in the realms of gaming and cryptocurrency. Stay informed about how these changes are set to enhance the Neoxa experience.


Due to recent policy updates from Minecraft concerning cryptocurrencies and challenges with server exploits, we are transitioning our gaming focus. Minecraft will be replaced by Dota 2 in our play-to-earn server lineup, which already includes Rust and GTA FiveM. This change aims to enhance the gaming experience and security for our users. Additionally, we are excited to hint at another game release scheduled for later this year.

Introducing a new feature to our Dota 2 gameplay on the Neoxa platform: a permanent coin burning solution. As players engage in Dota 2, a small percentage of Neoxa coins will be systematically burned. This process is designed to continue until it reaches a pre-determined amount of coins, the specifics of which will be announced in due course.


Following the introduction of our Stream2Earn initiative, we are extending this opportunity to Twitch streamers. By featuring ‘Neoxa’ in their stream titles and registering through our gaming portal, streamers can now earn Neoxa. We advise participants to review the Stream2Earn guidelines available here for detailed information. Looking ahead, we plan to integrate this program with YouTube and eventually TikTok, offering diverse content engagement opportunities.

MEXC Listing

In a significant development for Neoxa, we have been listed on the MEXC exchange. This milestone, which can be accessed at MEXC Exchange — NEOX/USDT, represents a crucial step in expanding the trading avenues for Neoxa. This achievement was made possible through the dedicated efforts of our community, which successfully raised 50,000 USDT for the listing.


Since the introduction of smartnodes on July 25, 2023, there has been a significant shift in the distribution and utilization of Neoxa. As of now, an impressive 2,183,000,000 NEOX, constituting 57.52% of the total Neoxa supply, is locked in smartnodes. This development marks a pivotal moment for Neoxa, reflecting both the community’s trust in the platform and the growing appeal of smartnodes as a key feature.

Future Development

Neoxa is currently undergoing an exciting phase of development and expansion across multiple fronts. One of the key projects underway is the creation of an asset and Neoxa NFT exchange, spearheaded by a talented community developer. This platform is slated for release in the first quarter of 2024 and is poised to be a significant addition to the Neoxa ecosystem, offering users a seamless and integrated experience for trading and managing digital assets and NFTs.

In the realm of gaming, Neoxa’s Play2Earn initiative is evolving with the addition of new games, notably the replacement of Minecraft with Dota 2. This change is part of a broader strategy to diversify and enrich the gaming experience for our community, aligning with the latest trends and preferences in the gaming world. Dota 2’s entry into our Play2Earn platform marks the beginning of this new gaming chapter, with more exciting game additions planned for the near future.

The Stream2Earn program is also set for significant enhancements. We are extending this innovative program to include YouTube, allowing content creators on this platform to earn rewards through Neoxa. Additionally, we are exploring ways to integrate TikTok into this program, recognizing the growing influence and unique content style of this platform. These expansions aim to create more opportunities for content creators across various mediums, further embedding Neoxa into the fabric of the digital content creation space.

On the marketing front, Neoxa is gearing up to launch a full-scale campaign. A key step in this process is resolving and updating our CoinMarketCap chart, for which we have already initiated contact with the relevant parties. Once this is addressed, it will pave the way for an aggressive marketing push, aimed at increasing visibility and attracting new users to our platform.

To end off 2023, our community can look forward to a suite of developments: the launch of a multifaceted Stream2Earn program across different platforms, the introduction of new games in our Play2Earn lineup, and the kick-off of a dynamic marketing strategy.