The Neoxa December Update

3 min readDec 31, 2022


Happy New Year!

Before getting into a lengthy update, we would like to say a happy new year to the Neoxa community! We look forward to working with our community and developers in 2023 to bring out the true potential of Neoxa.

Let’s get down to business!

The Business Side of Things

Neoxa now has a contract in place to receive funding and sell 20% of the developer fund permanently. This is currently being completed with the last trip in early January. The only thing left to do is paperwork due to different jurisdictions.

This will allow Neoxa to move into the mobile industry, and add more developers and capital to spend on marketing when the time is right.

While the Neoxa team currently has two developers, funding allows us to add paid developers to the team to speed up development. We have already started interviews and we are certain that we will add developers to the team in the coming days.


We know our community would love an exchange update, sadly this is not something we can provide. We are currently on a list of innovative projects to be listed and it takes time. This is not a listing we have paid for thus we do not control the listing procedure.

However, as we have progressed further into the cryptocurrency industry and learned more we believe the realistic time frame for this listing could be 1 to 3 months.

Future of Proof of Game

How will it work?

Simon plays Neoxacraft, and the Neoxa Network pays him 5310 in Neoxa assets. Simon can now choose to keep the asset or sell it.

This asset has a value of $0.0001, which makes Simon’s value earned $0,53 in Neoxa. How do we get to that math?

Seeing that 5% of the block reward is still dedicated to Proof of Game, it will go into liquidity for the Neoxa asset exchange. Gamers can choose to sell their assets for a stable rate of Neoxa. The 5% equivalent of Neoxa will always be there as liquidity for gamers to sell their assets. However, assets may be traded for a higher value than the 5% equivalent of the Proof of Game funds.

Neoxa plans to monetize its games through ads on all platforms, especially mobile. This will allow Proof of Game users to earn above the 5% dedicated to Proof of Game.

By monetizing Neoxa games, it allows us to automatically purchase Neoxa from exchanges and increase the PoG asset payout to be equivalent to the amount earned.

This will also bring more liquidity to exchanges and build a self-sustaining cycle.

Gaming Servers

Over the months we have learned that some players within our game servers are performing the same action over and over. So we have started to work on a formula that will benefit players that play the game how it was supposed to be played. When we launched Neoxa it was always a priority to play the games to have fun and Neoxa was a bonus, this bonus, of course, brings players into the future ecosystem.

Moving forward players will be penalized for carrying out the same task within the game servers, the focus will be rewarding players that play the game as it should be.


While development suffered from two business trips, in early January we will start working with our new developers to implement masternodes.

The Neoxa Marketplace will be slightly delayed and will be implemented after masternodes. We understand that it is an important part of Neoxa, however, we believe the blockchain should be prioritized at this point.

With new developers, the development of Neoxa will be faster and more efficient.

Please note that there are still positions for more developers. Applications can be emailed to




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