Neoxa Full Node on the Flux Web3 Cloud

Flux — The Web3 Cloud

  • All applications are redundant and do have automatic failovers in case of any outages
  • The Flux Cloud is agnostic to code language as it uses Docker Hub containers as on-ramp
  • The Flux Cloud automatically keeps applications up to date to the respective container
  • The Flux Cloud offers uncompetitive pricing
  1. We first need to head over to
  2. Once here, we need to log in using our ZelID. Available for us via Zelcore (Remember to use always the official links)

Monitoring of your instances

  1. Click “Manage”, “Manage App”, and “Update Specifications”
  2. Leave all the variables like they are, Click “Compute Update Message”
  3. Sign the Message with the ZelID App and click “Update Flux App” after
  4. Click “Pay with Zelcore” to make the Flux Payment
  5. Voilà your Neoxa Node has been renewed for 22,000 blocks



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