Masternode and Marketplace Updates

2 min readApr 14


Masternodes Update

We acknowledge that the development of masternodes has encountered delays and apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused. Our primary objective is to keep the community informed, but we recognize that unforeseen challenges can occur. After carefully considering various perspectives and evaluating the best course of action for Neoxa, we have reached a consensus on the way forward. We are grateful for your patience and understanding as we diligently and effectively implement these changes.

As we eagerly anticipate our exchange listing, we have made the strategic decision to broaden our horizons and apply for additional top exchanges. With the aim of expanding our reach and strengthening our presence in the market, we are committed to exploring new opportunities and taking bold steps to showcase the potential of the Neoxa chain.

The Neoxa team has decided to fork DASH and adopt its codebase while retaining KawPow mining algorithm and assets. Consequently, Neoxa will now be a DASH fork and will no longer be classified as a Ravencoin fork. This decision was made after consulting with additional exchanges and considering the following factors:

  • The DASH codebase has a proven track record of success
  • The DASH codebase receives more frequent updates
  • DASH’s masternodes have demonstrated innovation and success, with features such as InstantSend, which will enable faster marketplace transactions
  • Neoxa will inherit all DASH features and will operate with KawPow and additional assets

In response to the community’s inquiries regarding the timeline, our developer estimates that this change will add approximately three weeks to the development process.

Furthermore, Neoxa is currently in the process of applying to more exchanges, as suggested by the community. We will provide updates on this progress as it unfolds.

Gaming Update

The Neoxa Portal will serve as a comprehensive gaming hub for all Neoxa Gaming activities. This all-in-one platform will cater to players utilizing Neoxa servers and will include the Neoxa Marketplace, which perpetually burns Neoxa coins. Our gamers have already burned over 1 million Neoxa by purchasing in-game perks and items.

The Neoxa Games Portal will feature the following:

  • Synchronization of your gaming account
  • Integration of your wallet into the portal
  • A marketplace for purchasing in-game items
  • Neoxa and Flux coin burning during in-game item purchases
  • Access to gaming statistics
  • A gaming payout explorer

We are pleased to announce that Neoxa will participate in the first-ever Proof of Work project round table, hosted by Flux. We invite you to join us and tune in tomorrow for this event.